Learn to feel the light and your life becomes bright

Light is designing the inner and outer appearance of a building. It's lending buildings and spaces a look, it enables to experience colours, shapes and materials and thereby also affects our individual perception an our well-being.


Light seems to be invisible but it has the power to make something beautiful to something extraordinary.

Who of us does not know this special occasion? A thousand times we are passing a spot but

 due to our routine we don't pay any attention to our surroundings. But suddenly a magical moment arises. The sun light is creating a facinating atmosphere which touches our hearts deeply and invites us to remain and enjoy it for a while.


An elaborated lighting concept with specific light accents are the keys for a pleasant and well-being living ambiance. In our exhibition we illustrate that light solutions are offering nowadays many application possibilites.


Experience the impact of light on interior design and discover that backlit materials are able to reveal an extraordinary beauty and thereby positively affects our well-being at home.


We 'd be glad supporting you with our special sense for light and with our profound interdisciplinary knowledge in order to create for any space and any situation the right light.